About me

My name is Anna Perez and I live in southern Sweden. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved dolls, I brought the passion for dolls with me into my adult life.
I have always collected dolls and today I have over 200 dolls in my collection and most of my dolls are porcelain dolls. Around 15 years ago I discovered reborn dolls, but then it was difficult to find all materials to make the dolls that are avalible today. As my children grew, I did not have time to devote myself to my hobby. Almost 8 years ago my children moved from home and I could begain to devote myself wholeheartedly to my hobby again as a reborn artist.
Reborn means ”re-born” and I do reborn both old and new dolls, both vinyl and silicone dolls and I try to make them as vivid as possible.
Here you get to follow my life with my dolls and my latest work.

Kind regards,

Anna Perez